The Message

OG Identity was created with a mission in mind, to show black women that they are beautiful, appreciated and everything in between. We strive to show Black women with real features, true beauty and overall black girl magic. The Black woman is the blueprint. We hope to empower Black women through positive representation and celebration of what makes us beautiful. Our products are meant to make bold and unapologetic statements and allow you to speak without even having to say a word. OG Identity is here to illuminate the power we hold, reminding Black women that we are the original and the blueprint.

Meet the Muse behind the brand

May 1632.jpeg

*cue music"  'Fresh Outta Jersey, born and raised, Atlanta is where I spend most of my days." OG is a 80s and 90s culture loving, 20-something tomboy who loves to create and daydream. Acrylic paint on canvas or digital art has become her medium of choice these days. She is influenced and inspired by the things that made her childhood enjoyable and make her adulthood even more fun. She dibbles and dabbles in other art styles (acrylic pours, portraits in her style and anything worth trying) as well as her preferred cartoony-semi realistic style. There is no particular art box that she fits in.

OG has created illustrations for various businesses and brands, including candle companies, clothing brands and personal brands to name a few. She has also been hired as a Paint Party instructor and designs custom planners from the inside out.


Her role as The Savvy Creator is to help other artists and creatives see their potential beyond just painting a canvas or creating a sketch. The purpose is to build a sustainable, and enjoyable brand and business doing what you love.


OG is based in Atlanta, Georgia and is also the owner of an Etsy shop called, TheSavvyCreator, a overflow store that houses her clothing and random art projects inspired by popular culture and black culture as well. Click the link below to shop.


She has been recognized by Sprite, VoyageATL Magazine and others, and is constantly building and networking. 


All donations are appreciated and go towards art supplies and future events.